R.W. Raddatz, Inc.
280 SW 12 Ave.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
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Quality at R.W. Raddatz, Inc.




At RWR, quality assurance is more than the sum of approvals, regulations and procedures. Quality for R.W. Raddatz, Inc. depends on people. It's incorporated in every team member.

We are of course honored by the approval of the FAA and EASA for repair of aircraft parts. A drug-free workplace, strict safety measurements, a spotless shop with quality tools, are part and parcel of RWR.

The RWR team spirit does not take the above for granted and the men and women working have the skills and attitude to compete day by day to a world-class standard. They are proud of the customers acknowledgement that they are good, "real-good", according the standards of most of the customers. But the want to remain the best-in-class!

Everyday we look for improvements on a personal and team basis in order to score excellence in total quality; for every customer.



FAA Approved Repair Station #SA4R511M

EASA Approved Repair Station EASA.145.4798

Quality Systems Available:

In Accordance with CFR Part 145, Part 121, and Part 135



FAA approved Drug and Alcohol plan